Cities of the world:
Summer Edition

May 2016
Since their launch in 2014, Emilio Pucci’s Cities of the World scarves have captivated sophisticated shoppers with their vibrant, eye-catching designs and timeless appeal that captures the beauty of fashion, architecture and history.

For its third edition, Pucci introduces three new summer cities from across Europe that all give a sartorial nod to the sea: St. Tropez, Portofino and Capri. Each design has been hand drawn by the atelier in a stylized, charming way and faithfully replicates the landscape and trademark details of its tribute city, creating the perfect take-home gift.

Like the nine cities designed before them, St. Tropez, Portofino and Capri have been rendered with a fine hand and splashed with the signature Pucci palette, becoming modern-day postcards that can be worn as luxurious, original artworks. St. Tropez is a completely new design while Portofino and Capri are archival designs from the 1950s that have been refashioned. They join the previous cities of Florence, Rome, Milan, London, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong and New York.

The St. Tropez scarf bursts with bold colors rendered in a manner that resembles effortless brushstrokes, illustrating the famous seaside town’s sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere. A series of striped parasols are effortlessly layered in an overlapping motif around the central illustrated design. The port’s main store-lined entrance is peppered with the silhouettes of the sailboat’s masts that reach as high as the port’s lighthouse. The design perfectly captures lazy, sunny afternoons watching sailboats arrive and set off to sea. It is available in bold blues and bright reds as well as the signature Pucci pink and cool oranges.

The Portofino scarf is rich with motifs that recall the town’s reputation as an important maritime port not only for its location but for the regal audience it captivated. Tacking sailboats and an array of lush and exotic sea creatures – both real and mystical in nature – are whimsically placed around the central design depicting the charmingly crowded town as seen further out from the sea. It is available in celestial blues accented with sea-foam green and slivers of yellow as well as geranium, accented with bright pink and hints of sea green.

The Capri scarf exudes the spirit and liveliness of the bustling seaside town where Emilio Pucci opened his very first boutique in 1951. The town’s buzzing central piazzetta, otherwise known as “the little theatre of the world” is the main protagonist, flanked by the Church of Santo Stefano, and the free-standing clock tower, all of which is rendered in a bird’s eye view. Framing the scarf’s snapshot of swanky, seaside social life are alternate-colored bars of music notes that reinforce the genial and jolly mood of this idyllic island town. Two versions, one with a black background and peppered with electric blues, pinks and yellows and another with a white background accented with orange reds and yellows are available.

History and Craftsmanship

Inspired by the iconic Battistero design penned in 1957 by the Marquise Emilio Pucci for Florence, where the company headquarter is located, the City of the World scarves have become graphic love letters to international destinations that play an important role in the world of Pucci. Two of the scarves from the previous edition, Avenue Montaigne and Piazza di Spagna, have been designed by students who collaborated with the brand during the event of Les Journées Particulières.

Crafted from fine silk twill and printed in Como’s celebrated silk district, the scarves faithfully abide by the brand’s noble artisan tradition. The impeccable quality is underscored with hemming and finishing all done by hand.

These one-of-a-kind scarves possess a timeless appeal, the ultimate fashion accessory destined to become wearable reminders of each city to treasure and keep. These postcards from Pucci will continue to grow as new cities are added and each new design will encourage savvy shoppers to snatch up these cities to form their own global collection.

Exclusive packaging and availability

The scarves are packaged in uniquely designed, color-contrasting gift boxes, making them perfect as collector’s items, gifts or as souvenirs. They are available at Emilio Pucci boutiques worldwide or at Emilio Pucci online flagship store
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